My breeding plant consists of 170 aquariums with a total volume of about 40,000 liters. It is located in 3 basement rooms of my house and in 3 rooms in the basement of my optical shop. This is where the fish that I bred at home are raised and sold
When planning and constructing the hatchery we focussed on an attractive overall impression as well as the automatisation of many procedures. This has been achieved by use of sophisticated technology 

Due to the automatisation the amount of work regarding the care of the discus fishres is manageable and can be restricted to the important things, such as feeding, cleaning the tanks and transposing the fishes.

The sice of my breeding facility allows me to raise up to 1,000 discus fishes until they reach sexual maturity. Therefore, from a large number of fishes I have the possibility to select only fishes of high quality for continuous breeding.
Constantly, there are 1,000 up to 3,000 discus fishes of various sices in the breeding. I am not always able to offer all colour shades of each sice because of the limited space. 
Please have a look at our range where you can find the current availability of the fishes. I aim to update this list every month.

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last update 26. 12. 2020

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