Welcome to our galery!

Here you can find a snapshot of the discus fishes we are breeding.

The pictures give you an idea, how the adult fishes will look like. Keep in mind that discus of size smaller 10 cm can look totally different then they are adult.

Before they are 10cm or bigger of size most colour shades look really equal. Take care of that when you are willing to buy discus of little sizes, because most of our pictures show adult fishes.

Click on the pictures below to get to the galery of each colour shade we breed or use the navigation underneath the pictures.

In our stocklist you will find the actual color shades and sizes we sell at the moment.

Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond Snake





Pigeon Blood Red

Red Melon

Red Spotted Green / Tefé


Snakeskin Blue

Snakeskin Red / Red spottet

last update 26. 12. 2020

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