The core of my new facility is a pre-filter in the form of a drum filter that cleans itself. Every minute it removes the dirt from the water circuit from a particle sice of 40µm produced by the discus fishes. Therefore, water pollutionis significantly reduced in comparison with traditional filter systems. Filter
Thereafter, the biological water purification is effected by a bio film reactor. This is a so-called sludge blanked with sets the filter material in circulstion my means of heavy ventilation. Besides the good oxygen supply the filter also has the advantage that the dirt particles cannot be deposited in it. The dirt, which passes the filter, will be removed from the system by the drum filter. reaktor

Subsequent to the sludge blanket, the water is feb by pure oxygen as my tanks are partly stocked with up to 150 discus fishes per 700 litres. Only 60-80% of oxygene saturation would be acheived by a normal ventilation. This would not be enough for good and healthy growth of the discus.

After oxygenating the following the water is heated by a heat exchanger which is connected to the central heating in our house.

Before flowing back into the tank, the water will be sanitised by a UV system. In contrast to occasional claims, this process does not create sterility but only a slight reduction of the nuclei density.

Parallel to this filter system a partial flow of the water is purified with a so-called osmosis filter. The system has a yield of 80%. That means I am able to produce 8,000 litres of fresh water from 10,000 liters of aquarium water per day. This not only saves water but also plenty of energy, which would be necessary to heat 8,000 litres of cold tap water.

last update 26. 12. 2020

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